Professor Peter J Goodhew FREng

I owe so much to so many people, and also a lot to luck:
Some things only happen because you happen to be in the right place at the right time.

The luck includes choosing to study at Birmingham (based on a position as a seventeen-year-old
of zero knowledge of either Birmingham or Metallurgy). Also many large projects seem to have fallen into my lap.
These include BLES, SuperSTEM and UKCME. Thanks to whoever organises luck.

Most of all I must acknowledge my co-workers. These include my 26 PhD students,
more than 60 co-workers with whom I have published research, the MATTER and UKCME teams
(more than 20 people over the years) and those who have shown faith in me (too many to count, it seems).
To all of you: I am grateful for your ideas, your energy, your persistence and your patience with me.

... but most of all I am grateful to Gwen for putting up with me, cutting me down to size
and telling me that it's all been done already in primary schools.

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