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There are several ways you can access my published papers:

The easiest is usually to search for my name on Google Scholar or Web of Knowledge.
Try Peter Goodhew first: There are not many of us. You might then need to try P Goodhew or PJ Goodhew to unearth a few of the less-accessible items.

Alternatively, I have a pdf of all the papers in the numbered list of 175 or so papers which you can download here.
If you email me the paper number I will send you the pdf.

If you are particularly interested in publications about engineering education, I host a Mendeley group
with more than 1000 pdfs of papers. You would need to join Mendeley ( to take advantage,
but at the entry levels it is free. Then request to join my group.

Although eight of my works have more than 50 citations, a hundred others have some citations and
my h factor is about 25, there are a few papers which seem to me to have been overlooked -
despite containing (in my humble opinion) some good stuff.
Perhaps I chose the wrong journal or an unfashionable problem. Here are nine of them:

Goodhew & Smith "Can the CSL model fail?"

Goodhew "The shape of an overpressurized bubble"

Goodhew "The shapes of pores in metals"

Goodhew & Smith "Surface energy measurement from the shape of small crystals"

Tyler & Goodhew "The collapse of helium platelets in molybdenum"

Goodhew "Cavity growth mechanism maps"

Goodhew "A model of dislocation blocking and its application to the development of misfit dislocation arrays"

MacPherson, Goodhew & Beanland "A model for the distribution of misfit dislocations near epitaxial layer interfaces

Perryman & Goodhew "Cavity growth mechanism maps for reactor materials"

And finally ...

I just found and re-read my inaugural lecture at the University of Surrey in 1988. I was pleasantly surprised at what I said, some of which is still relevant.
You can read it here if you are interested: Is Seeing Believing?

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