Peter Goodhew

Ties are just about the only method of enlivening a business suit. I have spent far too many hours in such suits, and my choice of tie is designed to overcome the bland
and, I hope, hint that there might be more within than just a standard committee man.

Here are some of my recent favourites:

"Designer" - the two on the right are by Duchamp


Lines, circles, squares

And my current top three, featuring Pollock, Sue Forrest and Modrian

Bow ties can also be splendid, but one looks a little self-consciously like an architect.
I inherited this taste from my father, who was indeed an architect!

The two on the right are by Neil Bottle

I have always wanted to wear my custom-made "evidence" tie when conducting a PhD viva,
but I have yet to identify a candidate tough enough not to be upset by it!

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