Peter Goodhew

There is not much to say about walking. It's just something I do to take exercise and to enjoy my surroundings. I have never done any ambitious long-distance routes, but have enjoyed several days on the wonderful Pembroke Coastal Path. Otherwise, in an attempt to take 10,000 steps each day, I walk from home into Chester (3 miles each way) and across London from Euston to Carlton House Terrace as often as opportunity and time allow. Gwen and I often walk in the (low) hills of Cheshire and less frequently in Derbyshire, North Wales or the Lake District.

I would much prefer to take my exercise by running/jogging but now find it impossible to survive more than half a mile without injury. One of the many frustrations of getting older.

Recently (2012) I have discovered geocaching. I find this an excellent way of adding a bit of interest to a walk. It is also frustrating when (if) I don't find the cache! [check www.geocaching.com and/or get the iPhone app.]

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